Satori Shakoor's life as a singer, comedienne, actress, storyteller, wife, mother, daughter, and straight-up artist has taken her down unexpected paths of joy, hilarity, love, sex, tragedy, rebirth and, as her name suggests, awakening.


This interactive documentary ventures down some of those paths.


A Detroit native and former singer with Parliament Funkadelic and Brides of Funkenstein, Shakoor's career has spanned stage and screen, including co-founding the Obsidian Theatre Company in Toronto. Now, her pursuits have turned to storytelling, where she has been a featured storyteller on The Moth Radio Hour, hosts the Ann Arbor Moth Storyslam, and founded the award-winning Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers public storytelling showcase.


A project of the Fall 2013 JASS 405: New and Emerging Media class at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.


Click here to begin the experience. Expect to spend about an hour in total.


A Satori Story was created by:


Nada Al-Hanooti

Chelsea Boyd

Dana Brataniec

Benjamin Childs

Michael Fossbakk

Nicholas Garzoni

Shauna Gerrity

Billy Giorgio

Rusty Graves

Michael Holzman

Ray Krasicky

Arielle Mendelson



Prof. Jennifer Proctor


Made in Korsakow.




Kathlyn Mooradian

Angela Morris

Jose Nunez

Tanya Nyberg

Crystal Obiukwa

Brannigan Powell

Michael Schneider

Fehad Shalhout

John Thomas

Robert Turner III

Shelby Zuk


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